• Kids and turtles in Grand Bereby, Côte d'Ivoire
  • Turtle babies on the run
  • Stranded turtle

Excursion to the project area in December 2017

With its activities, CEM has initiated a process with the aim of establishing a marine conservation area in southwestern Côte d Ivoire near Grand Bereby. The Kiel biologist Olaf Grell now presents together with marine biologists, geologists and conservationists a report based on research as well as many years of preparatory work and a current excursion.

Please click on the following link to view or download the report (German):

-> Report on the excursion in December 2017 and proposals for a marine protected area

Project meeting in Kiel, 8.12.2015

Jörg Grabo from the Lighthouse Foundation, Olaf Grell from CEM as well as Inez Linke and Levent Piker from oceanBASIS have met today at the office of oceanBASIS in Kiel on Tiessenkai. Topic was the progress in the village development and the protection of sea turtles in Côte d'Ivoire in the last six months and what actions are planned for the 2016th.

The website of the Ivorian Association CEM is now published with the help of oceanBASIS in German and English. The next step is the translation into French. In the medium term the page should be editorially supervised by the Ivorian actors
; main language will then be French.
The beach Brigade has grown through the support from the Lighthouse Foundation on 15 man strength, so that now a stretch of
40 km beach can be monitored.

In order to support the village development and marine conservation activities in 2016 both will be more intensively discussed with the coastal dwellers. It is crucial to determine where the most important demands lie. For this a journey of Olaf Grell  for January 2016 is planned, which is supported by the Lighthouse Foundation and oceanBASIS.
In addition, it is intended, that the
"Protect the Ocean" - (PTO)- T-Shirt designed by Inez Linke and Levent Piker is printed in Abidjan. These T-Shirts will be handed over to the beach brigade as a gift, so that there is a small recognition of the important  work of marine environment protection.

In 2016 oceanBASIS will start selling the PTO T-Shirts in the Oceanwell Internet shop and collect further donations for the protection of sea turtles in addition to part of the sales of cosmetic products: with every purchase of a Oceanwell-product 10 cents go directly to the sea turtle project in Grand-Bereby.