Coastline in the project area

The coast of Côte d'Ivoire is characterized by tides of about 70 cm in height and a permanent strong swell. The sand consists of fine, slightly yellowish quartz. The beach ridge is steep. Debouching rivers and streams cannot easily overcome the sand wall, they pile up in front of it, it produces large lagoons where mangroves grow. At low tide and high pressure the beach ridges break, and the lagoons open to the sea. There is, thus, a constant rearrangement of sediments with strong momentum. This habitat is unique. Numerous plant and animal species are adapted, many of which are not yet described. Particularly typical are mudskippers, crab and fish species that move between sea and lagoon.
Country side, the project area is occupied by ​​palm oil and coconut plantations. Natural vegetationat the lagoons is present only as a coastal strip and fringe of mangroves. Sporadically, on some steep slopes and in wet sink very small forest remnants exist (2007 the region consisted of closed forest). The project area includes likely the last remaining largely undeveloped stretch of coast of Côte d'Ivoire.