Status of protection

Unfortunately there are no protected area on the coast of Côte d'Ivoire, which would be essential for the conservation of the unique biodiversity. Also the project area Grand Bereby has no official protection status. Even though a title does not guarantee the actual receipt of an ecosystem alone, at medium to long term an official protection status for a stretch of coast between Grand Bereby and Tabou is sought. The protection status "Reserve Faune volontier" for the project area seems to be reasonable and achievable. Details of the application are not yet clear. Desirable is a more accurate detection and integration of needs in the project area lagoons and mangroves.

Win-Win for fishery and turtle protection

A green sea turtle in the fish net
A Fanti fisherman has informed the beach brigadist from Dawa
As a reward yarn for net repair is offered

The Fanti people originally came from Ghana. They are the sole open sea fishermen in the project area. The well organized Fanti eat no turtles. An anonymous research by two "tourists" on the Fanti market provided that the laws are respected by them - turtles currently are no longer offered in Grand Bereby for sale. There is very good cooperation between CEM and the Fanti. The successful cooperation should be described by an example: In February 2015, a Fanti caught two green turtles in his nets. He called then Alexandre Dah. Alexandre was immediately at the local spot accompanied by a "beach brigadist", who takes care of the turtles at the beach. They have put the turtles back into the sea and the fishermen presented yarn as a reward. The yarn is popular for patching the nets of the Fanti. Now, the yarn is always kept ready for this purpose on CEM's premises. An excellent example of environmental conservation work at the base!