Relicts of eggs after hatching

No doubt about it - the project area is an attractive destination for nature lovers and tourists. The weakly developed Ivorian tourism has collapsed almost entirely during the crisis period 2002-2011. However, with continued current stabilization of the country, tourism is also expected to re-develop. Grand Béréby is a real touristic "pearl" due to its beautiful beaches, its peaceful nature and its picturesque fishing harbor. A visit to the project area will always be an attractive tourist excursion because of outstanding importance for marine turtles as well as its beautiful and diverse coastal landscapes. Nearby is the Tai National Park. Starting points for excursions are in San Pedro, the hotel "Palm Beach-rock" and in Grande Bereby hotels "Katoum" and "La Flotta". There are also current information and contact details are available about the sea turtles project.

Information center

There is still no information center. A simple construction of a building would be satisfactory, a hut made of bamboo and clay, which serves as a meeting place between project representatives and visitors. It could be located, for example, at the two entrances to the west (Roc) and the east (Kablaké). There could be installed an exhibition about sea turtles e.g. (shell, eggs, exhibits, possibly photos and movies) and information about the project could be spread. "Beach brigadist" could be  tourist guides at the same time, accompanying guests and show him the turtle beach, possibly a current nest etc. Also outside of the theme "turtle" there is plenty of nature to discover, for example, a pirogi tour through the lagoons and mangroves, mudskipper, crabs, among other things. For this purpose, a concept is created on the occasion of yet.